Natural 100% Organic Eco Friendly Canvas Bags

Use canvas bags instead of the plastic or paper bags offered by local grocers and supermarkets. By refusing the paper and plastic sacks, trees are not only saved, but getting groceries in the house will actually be easier, since canvas is a much sturdier material than most plastic which is used in grocery bags.

It is a natural 100% organic eco-friendly canvas bag, personalised sandgate 7oz Cotton Canvas Bag with long handles and made from strong 225gsm cotton canvas fabric. A good quality natural bag that will ensure repeat use due to its sturdiness. The size of the bag is 420 x 380mm, it is big enough for you to put the things from the local grocers and supermarkets.



Non-Woven Wine Tote Bags

A wine tote is extremely useful for taking along wine to a tasting or even a bring your own type of restaurant. They are also very convenient for bringing your wine purchase home from a vineyard or from your favorite wine store. A wine tote is something that most enthusiasts can use making them ideal gifts as well as wonderful wine accessories for yourself.

The wine tote bag is made of non-woven materials, it is eco-friendly and could be take easily, the bag designed 4compartment to take 4bottle wines, so that the wines would not come into contact with each, besides the compartment, there is a slip pocket for the handkerchief,  napkin, paper and so on.

The wine tote bag features:
• Available in 4 bottle sizes;
• Strong and durable non woven polypropylene bag;
• Bag Dimensions: 8″ w x 7″ d x 11″ h (4 bottle capacity);
• Handles: 14″.

Reusable Shopping Bag

Instead of the plastic shopping bag that present from the supermarket, marketplace…, the reusable shopping bag is developing, as the environmental protection and reusable, at present the non-woven shopping bag is most popular because the low cost, durable and washable.

Like the above picture, usually the simple shopping bags giveaways to the customers, at the same time, as the advertisement, they print thier logo on the bags, when customers use the bag, they advertise for the company too.

Shopping bags

The Eco-friendly shopping bags are different with the plastic bags, usually they are made of the non-woven and cotton, however, the material non-woven will be more popular, as the cost is lower very much than the cotton or canvas.

The Eco-friendly shopping bags could be used again and again, it is easy to cleanout, also will be convenience to carry, we could carry it on hand or shoulder, at present, the Eco-friendly shopping bags have been instead of the plastic bags gradually, some of the business, supermarket, and travel show will advertise themselves by the shopping bags, they printing their logo on the bags, and present them to the customers.

There are some shopping bags from the website at, they are from the China bag factory–Yabobags.

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Tote bags

When having that big event or business opening, why not have Customized Tote Bags available for your guests? Personalized Tote Bags are great promotional items and can help your guests carry items of importance to both them and you. Personalized tote bags come in a variety of materials—such as non-woven polypropylene, canvas, cotton…, and Custom Printed Tote Bags come in a wide range of colors—you name it.

For the Eco-Friendly person, the material Non-woven Polypropylene is the good choose,  which is recyclable material and will never hurt the environment.

Promotional Tote Bags are great promotional giveaways for travel business, supermarkets, exhibition,  business conventions, fund raisers, and other promotional giveaway events. there are some promotional tote bags for your reference.