Portable laptop bag

When we have a laptop, and then we need to have a laptop bag for our laptop, maybe you will ask, we have a laptop bag when we purchase the laptop, why need to buy another bag for the laptop? please see the below picture the laptop bag, if we could get such laptop bag free when we buy the laptop? The answer is no, isn’t it?

From the picture, we could find the laptop bag is very wonderful, we could put in the accessaries in an orderly way, when we open the bag to take the laptop and the accessary, it is very convenience.

Based on the design, we don’t worry the laptop and the accessories will damage when carrying,when we put the laptop in the bag, there is a Velcro to close the compartment to keep the laptop would not run when carrying, and for the accessories, there are the Elastics to keep them, because of that, the accessories could be hold in order.

Also we could carry the laptop bag on the hand or shoulder, both are OK.

Reusable Shopping Bag

Instead of the plastic shopping bag that present from the supermarket, marketplace…, the reusable shopping bag is developing, as the environmental protection and reusable, at present the non-woven shopping bag is most popular because the low cost, durable and washable.

Like the above picture, usually the simple shopping bags giveaways to the customers, at the same time, as the advertisement, they print thier logo on the bags, when customers use the bag, they advertise for the company too.

How to choose the hiking backpack

How to choose a hiking backpack? the first thing you need to do is to decide the capacity you required for the hiking backpack, some of the hiking backpacks can hold up more than 100 liters of hiking gear and some can only carry up 40 liters.

You also need to know which type of backpack you want. Are you a minimalist or a completely equipped backpack? If you travel light, you can go further and faster, and if you are the backpacker who has it all you’ll be prepared for whatever happens to you on your hiking trip.

How about the hiking backpack? it is the one you are looking for? contact the bag factory–Yabobags to custom the backpack you required.


Designer Hydration Pack

Hydration pack


How about the Hydration pack?  it is very cool, isn’t it? we could drink without need to stop in athletic sports, climbing or other activity, it will save alots times, also we could drink any time any where.

How about the Hydration pack design? It is like the other backpack, just additional a bladder in side of the backpack with a mouth piece. usually the bladder could be 1.5L-3L, the size of the backpack will depends on the capacity of the bladder. The popular material of the bladder is 0.3mmTPU, it is durable and safe, we could rest assure to drink the water from the bladder.

Large Insulated Cooler Bag

When we go on or participate in a picnic, how to keep our food or drink cool or heat preservation? at this time, we need a cooler bag, which bags are designed to keep your food and drinks cool or heat preservation, below I would like to introduce a large insulated cooler bag as like the below picture

It is a large insulated cooler bag, which is large enough to hold more than six 12 oz. drink cans, two compartment design, could hold the heat food and cool drink together in a bag, but also keep the food heat and drink cool at the same time. The front pocket, could hold the paper napkin, key chain, notebook, pen, and so on.With a strap, it take to carry the bag convenience.