Pencil cases

Compared with the pencil boxes, the pencil cases are more popular to the students, special to the girl students, as it is more convenience to hold, could be put in any room of the bags but would not take the room, put the pencils, small stationery in the pencil cases are necessary for a students.

The materials for the pencil cases are of leather, cotton, canvas, PVC, the shape of the pencil cases could be rectangle, rotundity and others you name it.

There are some models of the pencil cases for your reference at the website, they are from the China bag manufacturer–Yabobags.

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Cosmetic bags

Besides the promotional shopping bags, the cosmetic bags usually are to be chose as the present to giveaway to the customers, the promotional cosmetic bags could be simple and small, not any compartment in the bags, so the cost is low.

The materials for the cosmetic bags could be microfibre, PVC, polyester, nylon…, however, as the promotional bags, the materials microfibre is most popular, it has the low cost, but also will be beautiful that to be made as cosmetic bags. there are some cosmetic bags, custom design, color, size and printing could be custom, welcome your visit the China bags factory—yabobags.

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laptop sleeve

What is the different of the laptop sleeves and the laptop bags? The laptop bags pay attention to the function, however, the laptop sleeves pay attention to the safeguard, they could protect the laptop against shock, water and damage. The laptop sleeves do not have the regular size, all of them have to be made according with the laptop.

The popular materials for the laptop sleeves is neoprene, it could against shock, water and damage very well.

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Solar bags

The solar bags look like a common bags, the different is the solar bags have the solar panel on the front of the bags, the solar panel could absorb the solar energy, and then change it to the electricity and save the electricity in a battery that built-in the bags, with the matched connectors, we could charge our MP3, digital camera, mobile phone, laptop by the battery.

To have a solar bags, we don’t need to worry the mobile will no power when calling, we would not despond when we look the good view but the digital camera have not power, at the same time, the solar bags make use of the solar energy, it would not make any negative effects to the entironment, so using the solar bags to charge our electronic products, it will better to protect the entironment.

There are some solar bags from the bag factory at, welcome your visit.

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Hiking backpacks

A good backpack is a good fellow, the hiking backpack, besides used by the climber, it is in wide use in the activity of the expedition (such as acrossing the desert) and a far journey, because of the feasible structural design. it is very convenient the put kinds of goods in the backpack, but it also would not feel heavy to carry the pack.

A good quality hiking backpack definitely will not the weight, it will make you finish your journey and activity breezily., from the website, you will find some of beautiful hiking backpacks, they are from China bag factory–Yabobags.

I will introduce more items in my further articles

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